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Want to come over for Funfair and Chill?

Our week long campaign taught you how to manage your stress during exams, but also how we can improve the mental wellbeing services at Staffs for the long run.

Mental Wellbeing survey

With this new campaign, we wanted to actively change the mental wellbeing services at Staffs for the better. We sent a survey a got first hand feedback from those of you who use our facilities and what we need to do to improve them.

Here are the results

During the week

There are so many different ways to manage your stress that we tried to give you an easy guide to how you can use these during your exams.

Before your exams

We were out and about dishing out all kinds of fruit to help you with your mental agility and memory recollection during your exams.

Tuesday 3rd May –Workshops

Tuesday was host to our workshops, where we wanted to teach you how to build your self-esteem to overcome your stress and give you creative ways to deal with stress.

Wednesday 4th May – Sports Day

As exercise release the chemical that reduces stress levels, we got you running about doing sack races, egg and spoons races and hula hooping to shake off that tension.

Thursday 5th May – Nesta's Ark

Also because playing with animals relieves stress. On Thursday we had the weird and wonderful animals from Nesta’s Ark come and visit.

You came over for Funfair and Chill

Friday was the day of Funfair and Chill. Posted around the funfair was great and practical ways that you can deal with stress during your exams. We also revealed the results of the mental wellbeing survey.

Results of the campaign

Overall we gave out 1500 piece of fruit, 512 of you came to the Funfair and 422 filled in our survey.

Your officer team is also currently working on a plan for action to see how we can implement the results of the survey and how they can improve our mental wellbeing facilities.

Mind your head

If you’re still after some tips and tricks on how you can improve your mental wellbeing and manage your stress levels, your current VP and president elect Jaime- Lee has put together a useful guide full of details and techniques on you can look after your head.

Download Mind Your Head