Assessment Centres are a great opportunity for you to be yourself and truly show us what a brilliant member of our team you could be. 

Mainly for our Union Team Member roles,  our assessment centres are a half day of activities to help us select the best people to join our team here at the Students' Union. 

We imagine you have lots of questions to ask us about the Assessment Centre, particularly if you haven't attended one before, so below you'll find the answers to some frequently asked questions, click on one to find out more. 

What can I expect to happen at an Assessment Centre?

Our Assessment Centres are fun, help you relax and give you a great opportunity to show off your strengths and skills. The main exercise is in a group – you’ll take part in various tasks along with other applicants.

For certain roles, there may also be a short individual exercise. For instance, if you’ve applied for a commercial role, we’ll ask you to do a numeracy test; or if you’re interested in a specialist role in, say, First Aid, we’ll ask you to complete a knowledge-based exercise.

The Assessment Centre ends with an individual interview, which gives you another chance to tell us about your skills.

What should I bring with me to an Assessment Centre

You will need to bring documents that prove you have the right to work in the UK. This applies to everyone, regardless of nationality. If you don’t have these documents with you on the day, we can’t carry on with the recruitment process. Full details of acceptable documents under UK Government guidelines is available here.

Though our Assessment Centres are fun, they still include an interview and are your first opportunity to make an impression on us. So you should dress smartly, in suitable business wear, just as though you were going to any other interview. Remember, you will be surrounded by other applicants, so don’t be the only person in casual clothes!

What will I be doing at the Assessment Centre?

We alter the agendas for our Assessment Centres, depending upon the roles that we are recruiting for on the day but a range of basic principles apply to all of our recruitment events:

Upon arrival you will be greeted by our friendly HR team, who will sign you in and complete your eligibility to work checks (remember those essential ID documents we mentioned earlier?) We will then complete an icebreaker, so you can get to know the other applicants and relax into the day.

The rest of the half day will be spent on exercises, activities, tests and an all-important interview. You’ll be working in teams and individually to impress the panel of assessors. Throughout the whole event (including your breaks!) the assessment centre team will be taking notes on how you interact with others and perform in certain activities. These notes are to help us decide whether you are the best fit for our team and to help us decide where you would best fit in our organisation.

Will I be told on the day whether I have been successful?

The decision of whether to offer you a place on our team is one we take very seriously and serious decisions cannot be made instantly. Our team will take some time to consider your application and your performance at the Assessment Centre before contacting you by email to let you know the overall outcome of your application.

I may need extra support on the day, how do I organise this?

Our team will take every reasonable measure possible to ensure that everybody can engage with our Assessment Centre fully. If you have a disability or have any special requirements, please let us know in advance so that we can make sure that arrangements are made. 

Can I claim travel expenses if I have to travel to attend the Assessment Centre?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer to cover the travel expenses of shortlisted candidates.

How do I choose which department I want to work for?

Here at the Students' Union, we're one team. As such we no longer recruit for specific department-based vacancies. Instead, we recruit Union Team Members who are contracted to work for the Union as a whole, meaning you could be working in the LRV on a great club night one evening, serving customers in our shops another and supporting our letting service tenants another day.

You might be wondering how this works; at the Assessment Centre your assessors will suggest departments of work best suited to your strengths and experiences. The Employability and HR Team will then allocate you to a 'home department,' which is the location you'll start work and where you'll complete your basic training. As opportunities arise to support other departments throughout your time with us, you'll be offered training and shadowing shifts to allow you to work across our charity.

My question about the Assessment Centre hasn’t been answered, who can I contact?

Our HR team are happy to help should you have any questions about our Assessment Centres. Simply email with your questions and we’ll do our best to help.

If you have questions more generally about interviewing well, applying for work or about how to present yourself at an Assessment Centre, the Careers and Personal Development team over at the University are an ideal support for you.