Study Flexible and Understanding

Perhaps the most important feature of our roles is that we offer flexible employment opportunities and we understand how demanding studies can be. 

We think that being supportive of your studies is critically important so we've invested in an online system called Staff Savvy. This system allows you to tell us your availability (and update it regularly) and manage your shifts online anytime! 

Development and Progresssion Opportunities

All Union Team Members (which is what we call our wonderful staff team) are contracted to work over all our venues. So, you'll be able to experience working in hospitality, retail, lettings and professional services just by working with us! 

Also, no matter where you'll be based, every Union Team Member completes our annual Core Competencies; a comprehensive training package that will take through everything from Food Hygiene to Customer Service and Gender Awareness to Mental Health First Aid. 

Our departments also have opportunities for you be promoted too, with our Team Leader, Trainee Duty Management and Core Staff vacancies. 

Competitive Pay and Holiday Pay

We know that being a student is expensive and every bit of extra cash can be a big help. 

So here at Staffordshire University Students' Union we pay all Union Team Members a standard wage of £7.85  per hour.  In recognition of the extra work our Team Leaders do, we top-up  their Team Leader hours to £8.05 per hour too. 

In addition to this, by working with us you'll accrue 14.5% holiday pay per hour worked, which we pay when the Students' Union is closed in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. 

Convenient Campus-based Location

If you're worried about a long commute during studies, then look no further! Our venues, shops and offices are based on the Stoke on Trent Campuses, minutes away from your lectures! 

Our Union Team Members also have opportunities to work from our Centres of Excellence at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and Blackheath Lane, Stafford.

Accessible Employer

We believe in harnessing student talent and supporting our staff to enjoy their working environment. We're proud to be an accesible employer. 

So working for the Students' Union you can expect to be supported to fully engage with your work.