So we are sure that you are really excited about potentially joining the Students' Union team. To help you to join us easily, our recruitment process is split into five simple steps:


Step 1

You Prepare

Take a look through our website and the documents provided below to make doubly certain that you are ready to join our team. Throughout our recruitment process, we will be looking for candidates who understand what the Students' Union is and meets our values, so be sure to take your time as you prepare to apply. 


Step 2

You Apply

Apply quickly and easily using our online application system but don't rush! Take your time and make sure that your application truly tells us who you are and why we should employ you. 

Please note that we do not accept CVs for our Team Member roles. 


Step 3

You Inspire Us

If we shortlist your application, the chances are that we'll invite you to an Assessment Centre here at Staffordshire University. We use Assessment Centres to recruit for some of our operational roles, although specialist, management and many permanent roles may have additional stages. 

For more information about Assessment Centres click here.


Step 4

We make some tough decisions

Each year we receive hundreds of applications for our Union Team Member roles and unfortunately our team cannot include everyone! We usually email 10 to 14 days after your assessment centre to let you know whether or not you've got the job. In some circumstances, we may have to delay contacting you but you will normally be informed if this is the case. 


Step 5

You Train Up and Join In! 

If you are successful, you'll be invited to a paid induction event to equip you with the knowledge we think is essential to your role. This will be your first day as a member of our team and you'll be alongside many other new staff members. 


Useful Documents and Links:

Your Guide to Eligibility to Work in the UK

Your Careers Network Guide to Interviewing

Students' Union Values

Students' Union 2020 Strategy