Points to Prizes | Commitee Information

What is Points to Prizes?

Points to Prizes is an exciting opportunity for clubs and societies to work together to bring a more diverse student experience to Staffs. These collaborations will score your club and society points that can be redeemed against prizes to reward your members as a big Union thank your for all of your hard work!

How do we earn points?

Points can be earned everytime you achieve one of the goals in the Points to Prizes framework. Some points are easy to earn and in many cases you might already being doing these great things, whereas some might require you to work with Student Engagement or another student group.
Points are automatically updated by Student Engagement, however if you think something has been missed, you can use the Submit Milestone form to let us know!

Points make prizes...but what are the prizes?!

When you complete goals in the framework you can get loads of points which you can cash in and spend on any of our prizes:
  • 20 Points - 1hour with a union Graphic Designer to enhance your groups brand
  • 25 Points - Annual free entry to Flashback Friday or Gobble for committee members
  • 40 Points - Time with a union videographer to produce a video/advert
And as a special well done, we'll submit high scoring societies for a National Society award!
If you need any additional support, please email studentengagment@staffs.ac.uk

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