Points to Prizes | Leaderboard

Points to Prizes is an exciting scheme where as a Union we can reward the amazing work our students do whilst showing everyone the fantastic community that our students create that makes us all Proud to be Staffs!
When committees and student groups complete the goals in our framework, they gain points to spend on items such as a Pizza Party, access to our Union Graphic Design Team or VIP Treatment to Flashback Friday. 
Don't forget to submit your milestones to get to the top of the table!

Do you want to find out points that you have already earned? Just contact scott.william-smith@staffs.ac.uk! And a report will be sent over shortly with all of the points you have earnt so far! 
"Do great things - earn points - cash in a fantastic reward (as a BIG Union thank you)"- Scott William Smith (Vice President 2018-19)