VARSITY 2019 | The History #TeamStaffs

Every year Staffs and Keele compete in a multi-sport inter University competition – known as Varsity! The winner is showered with riches and praise – the loser tends goes to Varsity Gobble*
The origins of Varsity date back to 2001, with the creation of a charity football game between Staffordshire and Keele. Since then the event has grown year on year, stretching far beyond sport and getting more and more people taking part and cheering from the sidelines!
Staffordshire last won Varsity in 2009, since then it’s been won by Keele.
(*Unless it’s finally Keele who lose, then Varsity Gobble will be a night of riches, gold and trophies!)  

But what does Varsity look like? Check out last year's highlights: