Environmental Volunteering at Staffordshire University

You don't need to do accomplish massive feats to join our Team of Green Giants here at Staffs Union. All you need is a love for the world around you and enthusiasm to get involved. 

Our Green Giants mostly volunteer during our annual Green Week, where we'll be leading a wide of different activities and events to raise awareness of the issues facing our environment, both here at Staffs and across the world. 

But you can volunteer with us anytime, taking part to help us make big change by doing little things. 


Our Green Giants purpose:

To improve and develop our Health and Wellbeing and Happiness

To build our Sustainabile Community here at Staffordshire University

To create and protect Green Spaces, for nature and for people

To learn and develop our employable skills whilst volunteering


Our Projects

  • Sustainble Campus Tours
    Take a different look at our beautiful city campus and learn about the many different ways our Staffs is Sustainable. You'll be suprised! 

  • Litter Picking
    Grab some gloves, some headphones and some you time whilst making our campus tider. Listening to your favourite music and doing something outdoors can sometimes be all you need to boost your mood. 

  • On-Campus Planting
    Join our team as we take the opportunity to make our campus even greener, adding some hardy fruit, vegetables and flowers. Great fun if you don't mind getting your hands dirty!

  • Secret Campus Garden
    Shhhh! It's a secret! We've a beautiful spot hidden right here on campus, join us to keep it a special place for Students and nature alike. 

  • Sustainable Challenges
    Just how much plastic do you use everyday? Join us to lead and take part in Sustainability Challenges, raising awareness and having some fun too. 

  • Student Switch-Off
    How many lights and computers get missed and left on overnight and during holidays? Make a big impact and raise awareness as we switch-off our campus. 


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