No matter your degree, use your love of sport to coach and support young people.

Our sports coaching and volunteering programme is a way for you to engage with sports in a new way - as a coach, rather than an athlete. The programme is open to all students with a passion for sports, regardless of their degree, and gives you the chance to develop valuable skills that employers are looking for. You will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Coaching, officiating and umpiring
  • Organising and planning events
  • Photography and filming

We work closely with our partners to offer opportunities internally and externally. If we don't have an opportunity you're looking for, we will help you find it. By joining the programme and becoming part of of the team, you will benefit from.

  • Free kit
  • High-quality training
  • Support from coaching mentors
  • The opportunity to apply for funding towards additional qualifications
  • Paid opportunities and the chance to build new contacts
  • Free DBS check (if working with children)
  • Opportunity to be nominated at our Annual Sport Awards

If you are already volunteering within your local community but are not part of the programme, please get in touch, as you may still be able to qualify for the above benefits.

Current Coaching Partners include:


Stoke City FC

Kicks Project


Multi-Sports Programme


Florence Tennis Club

Schools Project

Staffs FA

Schools Football


Schools Rugby


Does this sound good to you? Let's get started then!

Step 1

Register on the Volunteering Toolkit

Registering as a volunteer with your Students' Union allows you to keep a record of your hours, skill and achievements, updates your Higher Education Achievement Record, opens up a whole host of Training and Development Opportunities and gives you access to our online database of opportunities.

Click here to register on the Toolkit or to view your existing Toolkit Profile


Step 2

You Express Interest

Get involved quickly and easily by contacting by email. Simply complete the information in the email link and together you can plan the next steps.


Step 3

You Train Up and Join In! 

If you are sucessful, a volunteer coordinator from your chosen organisation will be in touch with you directly to make the arrangements for any training you might need and when your first day will be.



What's in this for me?

We know that this is the important bit, why should you volunteer with the Sports Volunteer Academy? Well, a sucessful volunteer will:

  1. Build a unique set of stories and experiences to make you stand out as a Staffordshire Graduate

  2. Develop your skills in Time Management, Project Management, Communication and Teamwork

  3. Enhance your HEAR record and showcase your development to prospective employers

  4. Enjoy the benefits of volunteering in the nearby community, learning more about Staffordshire and our local community

  5. Thrive in a supportive and friendly environment, led by staff who understand your need for flexibility

  6. Meet new people, make new connections and gain a foothold in the sports coaching industry

Sounds good right? Well, to make this even better, we even provide you with a DBS Check*

Learn more about the support we can offer you as a Volunteer by clicking here.

*DBS are available to volunteers meeting the appropriate criteria for Staffordshire University Coaching & Volunteering programme. Placement Students are not permitted to claim DBS checks via this programme. DBS Checks are a function of the Home Office and are facilitated by an intermediary organisation.