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Consultation with staff is important. It keeps staff, managers & officers informed of each other’s perspective. It can improve decision making by utilising the skills & experience of staff of managers and Executive. It can enhance staff morale as staff feel listened to.

We currently recognise UNISON and consult with them regarding redundancies and changes to employees terms and conditions of employment however the majority of staff are not members of a Trade Union so are not adequately represented in these consultations

A majority of the staff employed by the Union are also students and having a formal process in place to discuss employment matters which will ensure they do not get brought up inappropriately at Union meetings.


What is the remit of the forum?

To allow the Union to seek the views of its employees  & to allow employees to make representations to the Union in matters of importance, for example:

  1. Terms and Conditions of Employment

  2. Strategic planning

  3. Operational decisions likely to affect the job prospects of particular groups or occupations

  4. Aspects of immediate work environment

  5. Health and Safety

  6. Learning and development

  7. All staffing policies and procedures e.g. job evaluation, managing attendance, etc.

  8. The meeting will not discuss individual grievance, discipline or grading matters as these are dealt with under separate procedures.

NB Union Executive are responsible for staff matters. The views of the Forum would be used to inform Executive decisions.

What should its composition be?

President and one other elected officer as determined by Executive

1 representative from UNISON (when required)

Staff Consultative Forum Reps

The Chief Executive in a non-voting advisory capacity

The Employability and HR Team shall act as secretary

And the meetings?

  1. Meetings should be held at least once each term
  2. No decision made at the Staff Consultative Forum will be binding on the Union
  3. Employee representatives will be expected to consult with those they represent to ascertain their views on items discussed. 
  4. The Secretary shall place the minutes of meetings on the Union shared drive for all staff to access.

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