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Annualised Hours Guidance

Support and learning resources for Annualised Hours and Timesheets

Annualised Hours Guidance | Team Member Intranet

As a modern and agile Students’ Union, it is our duty to ensure that our services meet the needs of our students and as far as is practical, are accessible at the right time and in the right way to promote the highest quality student experience.
To support our organisation in remaining flexible and responsive to changes in Student expectations, we operate Annualised Hours for our Core Team Members.

What does this mean for our team?

Every Core Team Member is employed on Annualised Hours Terms.

Practically, this means that you will complete a set number of hours of work each year, and in return receive regular monthly payments of your salary.

Your hours per week will be agreed with your line manager to best support the Students’ Union to deliver our services. The hours that you work each week, and the weeks that you work each year, may therefore vary. However, you will work with your line manager you will plan and adjust your hours so that you meet your total hours each year.

Our Policy on Annualised Hours

This support resource is based upon the detail outlined in our Annualised Hours Policy. You can access this by visiting the Policies Procedures and Templates section of the Intranet or by following the direct link below.

View the Annualised Hours Policy v1.0

Understanding your Timesheet

Your timesheet is an essential tool in helping you, your manager and the organisation plan your hours and workload to meet organisational and personal needs. You'll regularly keep your timesheet up to date, recording the hours you work against your planned hours and adjusting your plan with your line manager to help you meet your annualised hours totals.

After a year of complicated furlough timesheets, we want to support our team to readapt to simpler time management, and this resource is designed to guide you and your manager as we enter our new term together.

Timesheet Fundamentals

Whether you're new to our timesheets, or old hat, let's take a look at the basics. In this short tutorial we'll cover the important aspects of using your timesheet, including how to record hours worked and understanding your consolidation page.

For greater detail on booking time away, view section 2 and 3 of the Annualised Hours Policy

Planning your Hours with your Line Manager

The critical aspect of managing your contract hours carefully is working in close partnership with your line manager to plan out the hours you are going to work. In this short tutorial, we'll explore how to setup your timesheet at the start of your year.

For greater detail on booking time away, view section 4 of the Annualised Hours Policy

Booking Time Away

We all need a holiday occasionally! This short tutorial covers how to plan and record annual leave, which is slightly different from previous years.

For greater detail on booking time away, view section 5.4 of the Annualised Hours Policy

Recording Sickness or Compassionate Leave

It's essential that when you are unwell that you take the time you need to recover before returning to work - we want you to be healthy as we know that our team achieves the most when fit and well. This short tutorial covers the basic process of recording sickness absence or authorised compassionate leave.

For greater detail on booking time away, view section 5.5 of the Annualised Hours Policy

Employee Voice

Here at the Students' Union we're proud to be a strong advocate of our people and know that when we communicate fully and work together, we can continue to improve everything we do.

The annualised hours policy, timesheet and these training resources are no exception!

If you have any feedback - good, bad or ugly - please let your line manager, employee voice rep or HR team know. Plus don't forget that the friendly team from our recognised Trade Union, Unison, are also here to help.

Download this Policy

Remember, this page is simply a supporting resource, designed to make our policies easier to understand and interpret.

To view this policy in detail, please download a copy using the link below:

Download this Policy

Help and Support

If you have any questions relating to this policy, if you're struggling to find something or just having one of those days, please contact Kate or Scott in your Employability and HR Team.

Speak to us by calling 01782 294728 Email our Team at UnionHR@staffs.ac.uk