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Be Safe is our ongoing campaign aiming to raise awareness of safety and the preventative measures that we can all do at University, home, travelling or anywhere to ensure better safety.

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Safety Initiative London
Be safe logo

Here East will be introducing a bespoke service to support ALL tenants and visitors when leaving the London Campus if required.

Volunteer In The Spotlight - Sarah Hodgkinson

Student volunteer in the spotlight

Staying safe when you arrive at Staffordshire University
Welcome and Be Safe logo

Some top tips for student safety from Welcome Week and beyond

Top tips for keeping your home safe and secure

Find out the best ways to keep your home safe and secure

Top tips for walking home and staying safe

Find out the best ways to stay safe when walking home, grabbing a take-away or heading out at night

Travel safely
safe route

Some top tips for travel safety

Night out, or out at night?

Feeling uncomfortable on a night out, Ask for Angela



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