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Be Safe is our ongoing campaign aiming to raise awareness of safety and the preventative measures that we can all do at University, home, travelling or anywhere to ensure better safety.

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Road Safety

Staffordshire Police launch the Look Again campaign to raise awareness around road safety

Violence Against Women and Girls Event

Recap of Cop Shop's Violence Against Women and Girls event in partnership with Staffordshire Police

Hanley’s Safe Spaces

Understand where your Safe Spaces are in Hanley!

Are you Scam Safe?

What is Fraud and what can be done to prevent it?

End Violence Against Women and Girls

What is Violence Against Women and Girls and what can you do to tackle it.

Staying Safe this Christmas

How you can keep yourself safe over the Christmas period

Safer Nights

Keeping yourself safe on a night out!


STAMP OUT SPIKING - What is Spiking and how can it be prevented

The Safe Taxi Scheme
A piece of scrap paper taped to a grey brick wall, with the logos for the Safe Taxi Scheme, the Stud

Learn more about the project by 22/23 President, Hannah, that helps you get home if you're stranded on a night out...

Staffs SU comes out on top for this years Best Bar None awards
National Winner - Best Bar None

The Staffs Students' Union venue teams walk away with three awards, including the National Winners!

Staying Safe
top tips

As we are reaching that time of year when things are getting quieter on campus and students are starting to go home, here are just a few tips to keep you safe!

The Safe Taxi Scheme
Hannah safe taxi

Get Home Safe: Pay Later

Staying safe over Christmas
Christmas Tree

Don't let Christmas be cancelled by leaving your candles lit...

Meet the new campus Police Officer!
PC Gareth

It's Safety Week, let us introduce to you Gareth, our new Campus Police Officer!

Volunteer In The Spotlight - Sarah Hodgkinson

Student volunteer in the spotlight

Travel safely
safe route

Some top tips for travel safety

Night out, or out at night?

Feeling uncomfortable on a night out, Ask for Angela

Top tips for keeping your home safe and secure

Find out the best ways to keep your home safe and secure