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The Better Staffs Forum is a regular opportunity for students to make their voices heard on specific issues facing the Staffordshire University community. Over a period of about two weeks our Full-Time Officer Team will be out and about gathering information on the topic of the next forum, which might range from something more specific like your opinion on your timetable or how the cost-of-living crisis has affected you to something as general as what you'd do differently if you were in charge of the University.

After our Voice Team has crunched the numbers and used them to help paint a broader picture of the student voice, your anonymous feedback is presented along with the ideas submitted on this page at an open forum for students to decide the best route forward. All students are welcome - this is your chance to have your voice heard alongside the Officers and the rest of Rep Council!

This Year's Better Staffs Forums

  • 9th November 2022 - Better Staffs Forum
  • 21st November 2022 - Better London Forum
  • 23rd January 2023 - Better London Forum (Games and Esports)
  • 24th January 2023 - Better Staffs Forum
  • 10th February 2023 - Better London Forum (Computing and Cybersecurity)
  • 21st March 2023 - Better Staffs Forum

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Do you have an idea to make something better at your University, your Union or the world at large? Maybe you've got something brand new you'd like to see implemented, or the solution to a challenge students are facing. Whatever it is, add your idea below and share it with your peers to see what they think! Other students can comment on and ask questions about your idea, and up- or downvote your suggestion to help us understand how many people like your idea and prioritise what we do. These ideas are then reviewed at the next Better Staffs Forum to be implemented by your Officer Team and Student Representative Council!

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    Practical things to reduce the impact of increased cost of living: Hot water and heating meals on campus

      The cost of living has increased for everyone. Students using the campus are often limited to purchasing hot drinks and food when on campus all day. Increasing the provision of hot water and facilities to heat pre-prepared meals would help students avoid additional costs. Where such facilities already exist, it is difficult to locate them (eg 1 hot tap accessible to students n the catalyst - sometimes not working). Increase these facilities and communicate where they are and how to access them.
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