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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals




It's not easy being green, but as one of our core principles, we encourage sustainability wherever possible.

As a Union, we're here to support students and lead the way to help keep it green with Eco Tips, supporting Green-Themed Student Groups or running green campaigns.

Green Events...


Have your say, and make a change...

SOT Transport Strategy Consultation
Cycle image

Have your say: S-O-T City Council's new Transport Strategy and Delivery Plan

Campaign for sustainable living at university
SOS Logo

Make your accommodation more sustainable

Better Staffs for sustainable change
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Submit your ideas for sustainable change


Stay up to date with all the Green News...

Litter pick hosted by Cop Shop!

Litter pick hosted by Cop Shop!

Why Veganuary?

Why Veganuary?...Try Veganuary

10 Tips for an eco-friendly Christmas
Upcycle your cards image - credit Sustainable-ish

Lots of people doing small things, adds up to a big difference

Pumpkin disposal on campus

Let us compost your pumpkins

NUS Survey with £500 up for grabs
Fancy winning £500 text-image

£500 main prize and 10 x £50 prizes up for grabs.
Survey open until 12th November.

Staffs Union Maintains Excellent Award
Green Impact logo

Green Impact Students' Union Accreditation for Staffs Union

Crisp Packet Recycling
Crisp Packet Project Image

Fantastic foil, helping the homeless

Fairtrade Mother's Day gifts
Fairtrade mothers day gifts

Supporting mothers around the world

Fairtrade and Sustainability

Why does Fairtrade mean Sustainable Trade?

Fashion is killing our Planet fast!
fashion landfill

Fast to make and fast to kill.

Fairtrade Fortnight
Fairtrade fortnight

What is Fairtrade Fortnight?

Tackling the Climate Crisis

How Fairtrade is tackling the climate crisis

Volunteer with SOS-Uk at English Heritage
Image of stonehenge

Sustainability auditors across English Heritage sites

SOS-UK Homes Fit For Study Survey

Win £500 - it could be you!

Cost of Living: What have we done to support you?
Five pounds

Our commitment to cost-of-living support for students, check it out!

It's Veganuary!
veganuary starter pack

What is Veganuary? How do I start?

Dry January
dry january

Ever thought about taking part in dry January?

£50 up for grabs!
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Complete our 2 minute survey for your chance to win

Carbon Literate Award for Staffordshire University
Carbon Literate Bronze logo

Carbon Literate Organisation Bronze

Stone Refurb Technical Services
recycled pc for news

A local company who refurbs PC's so there is Zero Waste!
Get 10% off Refurbished Pc's and Laptops!

Did you know...
Recycle clothes bin

You can donate your unwanted clothes on campus?

Recycle Week 2022
Recycling logo

Recycle Week, 17-23rd October

Amanda Ledwards, Engagement Manager SUSU

For her commitment to our sustainable values

Sustainable Union
Sustainable thinking

What's the plan?

We tested our Vegan Shampoo bars!
Shampoo bars

The longest hair in the Union tried out the vegan shampoo bars!

Tackling the climate crisis through education
Climate change course promo photo

Staffs Uni launches new degree

Ethical and Sustainable Purchasing from a Student Team Member perspective
sustainable earth protest

Saving the environment and your pocket at the same time!

Green Week Market
green week

Ember Square, 23rd March, who will be there?

Transforming trash to treasure

A tasty way to help the homeless

Fairtrade Fortnight
fairtrade fortnight

What is Fairtrade Fortnight?

Students achieving more awards at Staffs!
Image of student

Celebrating Staffordshire University's Hedgehog Friendly Campus Bronze accreditation

Green Tips from your Green Union
Sustainable world article

Missed our Green Tips from your weekly newsletter? Get them all here!

No meat for a month?
Vegan food on a plate

Looking at some reasons why people cut out meat during January and how you can try it too.

A Sustainable Christmas Day
Sustainable bauble

Have a sustainable Christmas!

Let's Talk About Fast Fashion
Image promoting sustainable fashion

What's inside your wardrobe?

Zero Waste Section at the Student's Union Shop
Zero Waste filling station

It's Zero Waste when it comes to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Green Impact Students' Union Awards
Green Impact

Proud to announce Staffordshire University Students Union was awarded an excellent!

Sustainability Plan 2021
Sustainability logo

Each year we set out our SMART plan for sustainability, helping to create and develop a more #SustainableUnion.

How sustainable are Staffordshire University's projects?
Sustainability logo

Find out about The Catalyst, Nursery and Forest School, and more...

Wild Staffs - Going wild for wildlife
Wild Staffs Planting

A new wildlife project on campus is changing the way we look after our stoke campus.

Make an Eggstraordinary Difference
Make Easter Eggstraordinary

Choosing Fairtrade makes it an eggstra special Easter