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This page was last updated on 16/9/20

Rule of Six FAQ


If you still have any questions after reading this FAQ, please join our drop in Q&A sessions on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd from 12-1pm.


Q: Can I still hold events?

A: Yes – its expected!  This year it’s more important than ever to offer opportunities for students to get involved and feel like they are part of Staffs :)

Just because we’re having to adapt our events and activities, it doesn’t mean that you can’t run smaller events or provide a digital offering.

Don’t forget – even when you’re holding events online, submit your Event Registration as normal and add your events to the What's On page using you admin tools.

Q: What about social distancing?

A: Social distancing is still paramount, and your activities should be designed for 2m social distancing – regardless of event size.

Q: Why can we still run events?

A: As a Student group, you are part of the Students' Union, an education charity. This means your group's activity forms part of the extra-curricular education of you and your members. Your group will have carried out a risk assessment and  will put in place  and enforce adequate protection for attendees to comply with the regulations, and union guidance. 

Q: What about events with more than 6 attendees?

A: You should split attendees into groups of up to 6 people, these groups should not mix with each other during your session.

Q: What are the maximum capacities for my group events?

A: Indoor events (eg classroom) must not exceed 15 attendees (capacity will be confirmed on booking or be displayed on the door).

Your outdoor events (eg Picnic) must not exceed 30 attendees.

The number of attendees includes and session leaders, committee members or coaches.

Q: How many people can be in a group?

A:  Up to six.  

Q: What about capacities for events in LRV?

A: Licensed and hospitality venues comply to a separate piece of government guidance, and their spaces are specifically covid-secure risk-assessed. This means that if you hold an event in LRV, you can have more then 15 attendees to the maximum stipulated by the venue manager, but attendees must remain in groups of no more than 6


Q: Can people 'Drop-in' to our events? 

A: No. You should make sure attendees regsiter (Signups or Tickets) in advance of your events to avoid large crowds assembling outside your events.

Q: What about sports?

A: The governing bodies for most sports have developed covid-secure guidelines for their participants. Where Governing Body guidelines have been released, our clubs must adhere to these and detail the online location/link to these guidelines in their risk Assessment.

Q: What if there's no guidance from the governing body of my sport?

Where governing body guidance is not available/applicable to a sport club – then the capacities for student group events and groups of 6 detailed above must be adhered to.

Q: Do we have to Track & Trace our events?

A: You should 'Track & Trace' for any Face-to-Face event, including committee meetings.

Q: How should we Track & Trace?

A: For GIAGs, Free events and regular sessions for members you should use the 'Signups' function.

If you are charging for an event or activity, you will need to request these tickets in your Event Registration. A list of attendees will be avaialble in your 'Sales Reports'

Q: What if someone tests positive or is contacted by NHS Test & Trace?

A: You should inform immediatley, giving us the students name and telling us when they informed you.

Q: Who else should I inform?

A: You should not inform any other students yourself. The Students' Union will arrange to contact relevant authorities on your behalf.

Q: Can I hold events off campus?

A: Yes - Some groups regularly use external providers, who have their own covid-secure risk assessments in place. Our groups can still use these providers and their spaces providing that members attend in groups of no more than 6.

Q: What about small events in homes?

A: Student group events and activities in member’s accommodation is not allowed as this will put all attendees and residents at risk. Sorry - this includes house parties too.

Q: How do I book space in the marquee?

A: As with booking any space on campus – the Events Registration form is used to book rooms and the Leek Rd Marquee. This space has a capacity of 25.

Q: When do I need to complete the Events Registration?

A: In advanced af all of your events (online or in person). Please complete these at least 2 weeks before your event.

Q: When do I need to complete a Risk Assessment?

A: Before you organise any group activity - You have been asked to complete your group’s standard risk assessment and to incorporate the covid-secure elements of the generic risk assessment that we sent last week. Contact the engagement team if you have any questions or are unsure about this.

Q: What about activity not covered by our core Risk Assessment?

A: If when you register an event with us, your standard risk assessment does not cover your proposed activity – we will let you know. To make this easier we will ask you to amend your existing RA.

Q: What do I do with my risk assessment?

A: You must return your Covid secure Risk Assessment to BEFORE any physical events take place.

You must also share this risk assessment with your committee/event leaders so that all persons responsible for an event/activity are aware of their responsibilities and requirements.  

Q: How do I access cleaning materials?

A: You can purchase cleaning wipes/sprays/hand sanitisers yourself and claim the cost back (currently up to £10 per group) via the normal claim form process.

Additionally, there will be sanitization stations with cleaning materials available in certain locations around campus and members should be encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer to your events.

Q: Do members have to wear face coverings?

A: Members should be encouraged to wear face coverings and the University has recently announced this requirement in communal spaces.

The University is part of the Sunflower scheme, whereby anyone wearing a sunflower lanyard should not be challenged for not wearing a face covering.

Q: What if I do not comply with the Union or University guidance?

A:  If it is found that you deliberately fail to comply, they will be at risk of disciplinary action through both Union and University channels.

Q: How do I know we are ready to hold events safely?

A: You will have completed all of the following steps individually or as part of the committee.

  • I have completed my committee training
  • My Club or Society has a completed, submitted and approved Risk Assessment
  • I have completed the additional Covid-specific training module
  • We have completed an Event Registration and provided Track & Trace options if needed



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