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Understanding your role as part of a Student-led Group Management Team, is really important and you can find out more information in the role descriptors below.

Remember, these are just a guide! Many of the roles and skills will overlap so remember to always work as a team.

Role Descriptors (Click to Download)

Student-Group Manager

Student-Group Communications Officer

Student-Group Finance Officer

Club Captain

Catalogue of available slideshows with Powerpoint Show download options.

  • Health and Safety

  • Public Speaking

  • Eccentricities of Cheese

  • Introduction to Safeguarding

  • Welcome to your Students’ Union

  • Students’ Union 101

The Process

Arrange meeting with your coach

Your coach will contact you at the start of the year to arrange a meeting time. Meetings will be starting in November.

Semester 1 meeting

In the meeting your coach will go throughout the requirements for the Kickstarter, Quality Mark, Re-Fresher’s, sustainability and any other business you have or troubles you’re facing.

Actions from the meeting

You’ll leave this meeting with a list of jobs to do make this year a success for you and your society. It is down you and your committee to ensure that you complete these actions. Remember you coach is there to help you if you’re stuck.

Coach check in

Your coach will contact you again in the new year, to check in and see how you’re doing and arrange a second meeting with you for April.

Semester 2 Meeting

In this meeting, your coach will be going through your development plan, see if you’re on track for your quality mark and discuss your handover to the next committee. If you’re leaving the committee, this is also a good chance for you to discuss with your coach what employable skills you have gained from this role and how this can be applied after Uni.

Summing up the year

Your coach will email you with everything that has been discussed, your societies strengths, where you’ve succeeded and a list of your employability skills.

Development Objectives

Kickstarter funding will be authorised each semester by the Coach, assuming that the engagement criteria are met. This model is a moderated performance management approach, based upon the performance criteria agreed by the Students’ Union and Student Group committee.

This programme will reward effort and attempts to meet objectives and will not penalise student groups for low engagement in those activities planned.

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