Student Support Blog June 15th

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Student support services blog update.


Since the last blog post a very quick survey has been created, this is currently being reviewed and estabilised to check it throroughly for any mistakes that could be present.


The plan for this survey is to then send it out to as many students as possible for it to be completed to find out what students think and know about the support services which are available to them. Along with sending the survey out to all students it will also be sent out to all Staffordshire University and Staffordshire University students' union staff members. With the survey being completed by both students and staff members it will allow for a clear indictation to be made about the knowledge about the services along with how information regarding them should be distributed in the future.


N.B - this project is behind on the original schedule that was set forward when the project was created. However all times possible this project is being worked on to compelte everything to the highest possible standard.


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