Student Support Services - Number 6

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Update for the Student Support Services Student Academic Partnership.


I have now met with a number of student support departments which include:

Information Centre, Student Advice Centre, International Student Support Centre, Accomodation, Careers, Childcare/Nursaries, Counselling.

However I still need to meet with a number of support services includingchaplaincy and enabling centre along with others who have become aparrent through work completed so far.


I have been through the NSS and SVS surveys for last academic year and have gone through the comments for the support services from these to help with analysis later on.


I haven’t done much on this project since Christmas due to course commitments – although I am trying to get more done within the next few weeks while its slightly quieter and that the elections are now over. (which has taken almost all my time from the last few weeks.


Thank You




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