Student Support Services Start of May

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A long awaited update for this project with things that have gone on within the past few months.


So over the past few months I have managed to neglect this due to other commitments and illness.

But I have now started to get back onto track, I have recently had a meeting with Janine Holdway about the project as a mid point to see how things were going and what I need to be aiming for in the next few weeks. Along with this I have now started to put into action a proper feasible plan on how to do this with all of the free time that I have now got available to me.


At this moment in time I have got atleast 3 more support service heads of departments heads to meet and if the time is there a few more areas who have contacted me through the project. As well as creating and sending out a quick survey to as many students as possible about the support services so that I am able to compare and contrast with results from different surveys done this academic year.


Along with this we have looked into where the information for this project wil be going into, which is the Welcome Week group to have a clear idea on what is availble for students and how you want to find out about these services.


Another blog with be appearing very very soon with what I have been up in the next couple of weeks.




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