Student Support Services - Week 2

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What have I done?

This week I have been looking through last years NSS (National Student Survey) and SVS (Student View Finder Survey) to look for any areas of the support that have negative comments about them and low scores. This has taken abit of time to go through to look at each set of results carefully to make sure that I fully understand what the information is telling me. From this I have found out some interesting information - although what I will be doing next from this is comparing these results to previous years results. In particular the comments that are written about each area to see if there are any re-occuring themes through the years.


What am I doing next?

As I have said above I will be looking through previous years results. From this I can then see if there are any re-occuring themes through the years, this would give me some key areas to target.

I will also be contacting the heads of each support service to arrange a time for me to meet with them and their team to find out more about each support service further - therefore gaining greater knowledge on what each service does and wants to do to help students.


I also need to find a picture for this project and also for these 'blog' posts if anyone has any suggestions then please let me know as all im thinking of at the moment is the university logo.


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