Student Advice Centre Volunteers - May

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Student advice centre volunteers project has started to go into the report side of things. Just over 1 month ago I had my mid point review of the project to go through what had gone on and progressed and to make sure that i have got key targets to achieve within the next few weeks.

(Just after that I went off ill so alot has been pushed back slightly)


But the project as a whole has been progressing, there are still some very keen and fantastic volunteers on the scheme of which we are going to be trying to get feedback from. Along with this we are looking at out resources that we use and packs of information for the member of staff who will be continuing the scheme next academic year.


With this project we are looking at trying to join up and support two other SAP projects that are running, which are the Food Co-op and Stars mentors. So I will be looking through information over this week to try to get a better understanding of their aims and objectives.


I will hopefully be having a meeting later on this week with the current money doctors intern who has been fantastic through this project with running different ares of it along with being the front facing person for the stoke volunteers allowing me to look after back end systems and staffrod front facing. This will allow us to go through how tyhe project has run and suggestions for the future.


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