Disabled Students’ SAP Project Blog Post

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Hey there
This is my first blog entry about the Disabled Students’ SAP project.

The project is all about gaining views from disabled students at Staffs, with the main focus on campus accessibility.

It’s something I know there are various concerns about, based on my own experiences as a visually impaired person and from speaking to others through my separate role as the Chair of the Disabled Students’ Forum. As access issues often go unnoticed or are overlooked by those who aren’t affected by them, I’ve always believed it’s really important that those directly affected give their say so these access barriers can be removed to make our campus more inclusive.

I’ve been working on a survey about accessibility on campus. Tomorrow I’ll be meeting with my project partner, Dave Allman (who’s the head of the Student Enabling Centre), to double check through the questions then hopefully it’ll be sent out this week - do complete it if you’re a disabled student!


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