Sports at Staffs - Blog 2 (W/C 17/06/2013)

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I spent my time beginning my research this week, more specifically looking at how universities at the top of the BUCS league use media (e.g. their website, Facebook, Twitter etc.) to their advantage. By taking note of the way the websites are used I was able to infer how much of a priority sport was to each university, how sport was promoted and also gain some knowledge of sport at each university.

I observed that universities who excel in sport have an extensive amount of information to trawl through – it can actually take an obscene amount of time to cover everything. In spite of this, it gives the opportunity to promote and “show off” what a particular university has to offer and the extent of facilities provided. From what I can tell, this attracts students already interested in sport and therefore sets a solid foundation for sports clubs to successfully build on and by extension, succeed in BUCS games.


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