Film and FX Website – Blog 1 (WC 29.07.2013)

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As this is the start of a brand new project, it has been essential to explore the technology I will be using in the following weeks as well as understanding the tasks that need completing before my first deadline on August 14th, and planning my time to suit.

Progress has been made in creating the initial structure for the pages including the menu system and a completed page for one course, which will now act as a template for the rest of the course-based pages. The pages include a brief summary of the course, a breakdown on the 3 year learning structure and a series of visual attributes, which include a slideshow of student work and in most cases a reel of selected work. Creating a visually interesting site is essential to success and to differentiate this site from information provided by the university.

This first week has been very exciting in terms of learning new things, and using my first plugin has definitely been a landmark already! Bring on next week, when I will be completing the other course pages and hopefully moving on to create an exciting homepage.


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