Staffs Uni Racing make us proud!

SUR are a Staffs Uni family

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SURacing have been doing their bit to raise awareness for anti-bullying week, but not just that - they have been showing us what it means to be part of SUR!


Staffs Uni Racing are on a mission to raise awareness for anti-bullying by coming to their sessions in odd socks.

The idea was formed to show uniqueness, individuality, and inclusion. They got involved in this movement as the team pride themselves on inclusion and sense of belonging regardless of disability, race, culture etc. with the team ethic being “We race as one”.







When working on their projects, we're told that it requires 'blood, sweat and tears' to make this happen.  As a family they help one another and when times get tough, they band together as a team to make it happen.  The projects can require late hours and dedication but this helps the group to come together to form their racing family.

This is what a Staffs Uni family looks like!

Love to see it!!

This team is made up of 36 people who all have a role to play which is great. No one is left out and everyone gets the opportunity to get involved. Everyone in this team is from different schools, different courses, and has different levels of experience which goes to show that everyone and anyone can join.

The SU Racing Team is supported by Martin (workshop tech specialist) who doesn’t just support them in the projects but supports the students in their growth as a student learn new skills. Martin is seen by the students as ‘FS Dad’ (formula student dad) and is exceptionally proud of the students and their acheivements. 



Why should you join Staffs Uni Racing?

Formula student gives students opportunities to build their CV 

  • Enrichment, socials – group outings

  • Graduated students still come back to support (sense of belonging)

  • Enhancement of CV

  • Day to day skills

  • Amazing team Values: Committement, Passion, Inclusion, Unity, Family, Belonging



Open to all students!

Nicky (team leader) has been with Staffs Uni Racing for 3 years and she said “I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else with my time”

Alex (member) has been with them for 2 years “The passion keeps me going, and I enjoy being part of the team”

Joe (team leader) has been with the team 4 years “A group of likeminded people keep me as everyone has the same passion to put the car on the track”

Martin (Tech specialist) “projects prepare the students for the real world. Reward outweighs effort and the commitment”

Very well done to Staffs Uni Racing! Keep up the good work.



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