Tonia Barrett | Lecturer, Staffordshire Business School

We're proud of Tonia for making such a big impact on the lives of her students.


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Tonia Barrett

Lecturer, Staffordshire Business School


For proactively promoting the development (both personal and academic) of her students and for making such an impact on their memories of Staffs, Tonia has been recognised by her Students for being an excellent tutor. Thank you, Tonia, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Tonia Barrett's Story

"Tonia has been my biggest support system since we first had her in semester 2 of year 1 of my course! She manages to make even the most boring, 9 am, lecturers the most interesting and entertaining! She took the time to get to know all of us on a personal level and supported us all in ways that no other lecturer has taken the time to do! She has ALWAYS been there for us all to have a good laugh, cry and moan whenever any of us needed it. Ever semester we had her in we felt extremely lucky and happy to be taught by her again and we will all, especially me, miss her crazy teaching and memorable lecturers! In my 15 years of education I’ve never been been taught by anyone who’s quite as amazing is Tonia is!! She also looked, on average, at around 6474 different drafts for the 5 modules we had her for and she never once complained and helped me reach my best potential in every single assignment I had for her, my highest marks were always achieved with Tonia ??. She supported all of us with our Alton towers placements and took a HUGE interest in all of our work there, staying after lectures for me to practice my job application presentation, arranging graduation trips there and interesting talks at the resort for our modules, she took such a keen interest in the entire point of our course! She accepted all of us for exactly who we are and I’m so going to miss her next year! There is simply NO ONE as deserving! (Oh I may also add, she wrote us all hand written notes on our last lecturer we which will stay with me forever and ever!) "