Carol Southall, Senior Lecturer SBS

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Carol Southall

Senior Lecturer, Staffordshire Business School


Creating and maintaining high quality opportunities, particularly with prominent commercial partners is a difficult thing to do. When combined with the meeting the needs of teaching and supporting students to enjoy their studies, it becomes no small feat! Thank you Carol, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Carol Southall's Story

"We met Carol in year one on our indication week at Warwick castle with Alton towers. We all immediately took a huge liking to her! Throughout my 2 years she has supported me through my best times and some of my worst and has never let anything I was going through affect my academics! She always had an open door policy and was always up for a chat whenever ?? I wish we had had her for more than the one module! She took the time to listen to us (on multiple occasions) have a moan about our course and did her best every time to chase any issues and fix anything she could and she would always get back to us when she had done this, through emails, coming into lecturers and arranging course meetings for us to all talk about any concerns we had! She invested in not only our course and what we do with Alton towers but also with all of us On a personal level and I’m really going to miss not her having her as my personal tutor next year but I’m glad to know I can always go speak to her if I needed too :) "


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