Molly Woodhouse, Live Lab and Union Team Member

We're proud of Molly for taking pride in her work and developing her employability - whilst supporting the Students' Union to be the best we can be.


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Molly Woodhouse

Live Lab and Union Team Member


For her enthuasism and committment, Molly has been recognised as a fantastic member of the Students' Union team - both in volunteering her time to gain experience with our Marketing Team and her paid work with us. Thank you Molly, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Molly Woodhouse's Story

"Firstly as a Squeezebox staff member, Molly is bubbly, happy and even knows the our teams order by heart! She delivers great services and makes a fantastic coffee! On top of that, Molly has supported Union marketing as part of her marketing. Her enthusiasm to try new things, and to support staff went above and beyond her placement - clocking up over 100 hours in her live lab and support every aspect of marketing. Molly was so fantastic, that we hired her. Since then see has supported a number of key project with a perfect combination of professionalism and energy. She has used her course skills to take Varsity and Esprots Varsity photos, she has support the Union communications, Leadership Race and has taken the lead on projects. For all her hard work, (and sometime having tasks thrown at her last minute) Molly has been a hugely positive person and become an integral part of the team. Her development from Live Lab to UTM has been significant and she is a fantastic member of the team. "