Steve Sutton, Kerry Magee and Jordan Hubble | Students' Union Managers

We're proud of the LRV Management Team for being an incredible support for their team.


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Steve Sutton, Kerry McGee, Jordan Hubble

Students' Union Managers


For being inspiring Managers and friends, the Management Team of our LRV and Verve have been recognised by our students for their exceptional hard work. Thank you LRV Managers, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Steve Sutton, Kerry McGee, Jordan Hubble's Story

"Steve, Jordan and Kerry are the most exceptional human being I've ever worked with. Not only are they fair, supportive and encouraging to all their staff on a day to day basis, they have been an outstanding support to myself and many others when we have had mental and physical health struggles, gender dysphoria, traumatic life events and loss and grief. They have been better family than some of our blood family, and have worked hard to create a safe, inclusive and fun working environment for all. Any staff disagreements, bullying, transphobia or any other negative energy between staff is stopped before it begins. Everyone with a grievance is taken seriously and dealt with quickly and effectively. It has been the biggest honour of my life to work with such truly inspirational people and they deserve more than I could ever give them"