Chris Wayman | Senior Lecturer, CAE

We're proud of Chris for supporting their students in every way they can!


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Chris Wayman

Senior Lecturer, School of Creative Arts and Engineering


Going above and beyond in supporting student employability, extra-curricular activities and building networks on behalf of the University, Chris has been an immense support for their students. Thank you Chris, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Chris Wayman's Story

"Chris has been an engaging, supportive and fun lecturer from the beginning of my studies in 2017. Not only has he been an excellent lecturer, exuding passion for his students and his subjects, he has also offered support to students on things that are outside of his remit as a lecturer such as placement-specific CV help, access to and help in using equipment that we would not otherwise have access to or experience in. He has also been a tremendous help to the newly reformed Engineering Society, giving up his own time and expertise to us all to help get events off the ground, connecting us with outside contacts to broaden our reach and scope for future trips, experiences and skills building. He has stayed beyond his working hours to give us tours of the labs, been available to us above and beyond what could possibly be expected of him. He has always been there for us in a broad spectrum of capacities, with enthusiasm, kindness and good humour and we are all lucky to have him"