Tara Ball, Senior Lecturer LSE

We're proud of Tara for her active work promoting an equal and accessible University


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Tara Ball

Senior Lecturer, School of Life Sciences and Education


Here at Staffordshire University, we believe that every Student should have an equal experience of learning with us. Taking on a University degree alongside disabilties and health difficulties, can be an immense challenge and it's the support provided by our expert teaching teams that ensure that Students enjoy their time here and leave with a high quality degree. Tara has lived those values and the impact on her Students is clear. Thank you Tara, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Tara Ball's Story

"The beginning: Since the beginning of 2018, Tara has supported me and many other students in Level 5 through their academic journey. Okay, you may think, 'yes, this is what Tara is paid to do'. However, The reason I feel that Tara should be recognised, and how Tara makes me feel proud to be staffs, is because she is always available no matter what the time is. In a very professional, empathetic and compassionate way she offers guidance whenever it is possible. I feel it is a huge accomplishment to demonstrate such professional conduct when so many students are at her beck and call. Individual Support: I understand that many tutors offer this individual support. However, in my case it has been a different story. While I have undergone surgery this year (in March), Tara stayed in touch with me, the whole time through, to see how I was coping. The surgery knocked me off my feet and at times, I felt like i could not complete this course. Yet, I was able to open up to her regarding these struggles. Tara presented acts of integrity and maintained these high standards throughout to ensure that I was supported through my study, with my illnesses of Fibromyalgia, acute migraine syndrome, and my ever-ongoing issues of PTSD. Thus, my learning disorders. This guidance/support was via emails, personal tutorials and via the telephone. Throughout, Tara has supported my learning disorders such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia and I never had to remind her of my situations in our lecturers as I was fully supported. Compassion I truly believe Tara should be rewarded for all the hard work and time that she provides, in ensuring that an individual's welfare is supported to the best possible standards. Especially when you wake up in the morning and see that your drafted assignment was returned and marked at 22:05 hours. That I really believe and feel in my heart is dedication. Not just dedication to their work, but dedication to every single unique individual that Tara works with, dedication to the Education Department, and dedication to Staffordshire University as a whole. I am super proud of Tara which makes me super doopa proud to be staffs. Please may I ask that Tara is recognised for this hard work and dedication. "