Abbeygail Standen, Lecturer CDT

We're proud of Abbeygail for inspiring our students to strive for the best possible future career


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Abbeygail Standen

Lecturer, School of Computing and Digital Technologies


Promoting the development of employable skills and experiences, Abbeygail Standen has pushed their students to go the extra mile in achieving their goals. Thank you Abbeygail, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Abbeygail Standen's Story

"I feel Abbey goes above and beyond when it comes to supporting students. I started my degree the same year Abbey started lecturing and she was always more than willing to help. Through looking for placements Abbey has been putting me in touch with contacts within the industry and has gone over my countless prospective emails to placements to give me advice on how to word things better and tips on what to say to them. Abbey always responds to my questions extremely quickly, even outside of working hours which I feel shows her dedication to supporting students when they need it. Now that people on the course are starting to get placement interviews, Abbey spends time with us going over interview skills and how to answer common interview questions to give the right impression. Abbey is just overall an awesome lecturer, as are the other lecturers in forensic computing that makes studying at Staffordshire University an amazing experience. I am a mature student with a lot of experiences and coming to university is easily the best thing I have done."