Amanda Ledwards, Engagement Manager SUSU

For her commitment to our sustainable values


This is a Proud to be Staffs Story

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Amanda Ledwards

Engagement Managaer | Staffordshire University Students' Union


"This year in particular has been very busy for Amanda, embedding a new core team whilst growing our student groups following the pandemic has not been easy, a Proud to Be Staffs nomination could be for this alone, and would be entirely justified. However this nomination is for her continued dedication to our sustainability agenda and in particular our Green Impact submission, Amanda has worked tirelessly to ensure that our submission was comprehensive and that it promoted the Students' Union in a positive manner. It has not gone unnoticed that several prompts were required from others to support our submission and whilst that must have been frustrating it was never evident. Amanda retains that professionalism always. Whilst not to tempt fate, we expect once again (following our recent Audit) to achieve an Excellent rating and this would be entirely reflective of the efforts put in by Amanda, she definitely makes me proud to be staffs."


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