Anaida Fernando, Elected Officer

For supporting our community


This is a Proud to be Staffs Story

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Anaida Fernando

Vice-President, Staffordshire University Students' Union


For showing how taking the time to look out for others can make a huge difference, we're proud of Anaida 'Annie' Fernando. We believe in being friendly, approachable and kind; shown here by Annie's wonderful efforts as a Student Officer. Thank you, Annie, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Anaida Fernando's Story

"I only knew of the leadership because I did step-up and my fiancée ran however my second vote from day 1 of campaign was for Anaida before I even knew her and she did not disappoint. Not only did she fulfill her manifesto but she went above and beyond with her gamechanger. Her #Fempowerment gamechanger was incredible in itself however I can not be more grateful for what she did for my step-daughter. Her confidence and self belief was on the floor and 'Annie' scooped her up, gave her an elephant keyring from Sri Lanka and included her in every event possible; including singing at the open mic night with her at Ember. She has been an inspirational vice president this year and has helped my step-daughter more than she even knows; who else would do after hours rehearsals for an open mic night with an 8 year old and her hyper 1 year old baby brother? Annie helped my fiancée realise she should run for election again but has also made me, Little Miss 'not in a million years' consider running in September for course rep or network lead as well as writing 2 poems about a subject I couldn't talk about not too long ago! Thank you Annie for being there for me, my fiancée, my stepdaughter and for making me #proudtobestaffs "

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