Andrew Edmonds, Lecturer LSE

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Andrew Edmonds

Lecturer, School of Life Sciences and Education


The role of a personal tutor is an important one; supporting students through the exciting challenge that University study represents, whilst helping guide students as they balance home, work and study. Andrew has clearly made this student proud, even through the even greater challenge of the Pandemic. Thank you Andrew, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Andrew Edmonds's Story

"Andrew has been my supervisor this year and I can 100% say that he has been the upmost caring and has gone above and beyond his post and job to ensure I am succeeding. Andrew helped me come up with a suitable Final Year Project title after I told him that I didn't like what I originally wanted to do, he helped me come up with ideas and helped me to catch up after I had chosen my new project with additional meetings and support. He ensured we had meetings after I had recovered from a severe case COVID-19 to ensure I caught back up and thrived in my final year. Andrew has been really considerate with helping me with Exceptional Circumstances information and even offering to write a supporting statement for me if necessary. He is always quick to reply, even during the pandemic, where his and our working lives have been shaken up and been turned on it's head, Andrew has continued to ensure that my questions are answered within a reasonable time and will always try his best to ensure all additional needs are catered for. Andrew has also ensured that I have appropriate adjustments made in line with my disability, especially for large presentations like my final year project conference, and those adjustments meant I felt more confident in my environment, which allowed me to achieve a 1st which is my highest grade throughout my University Career! With being in my final year, he understands and accepts that the past 3 years have been extraordinarily tough for me and that I do not want a career in Psychology, and he still helps me with job applications, offered to look over my CV and has agreed to be a character reference for me for jobs that I have applied to and will be applying for. Andrew has been a major part of my student experience even though he's only been my academic mentor for the past year, he has made me #proudtobestaffs from all elements I've spoken about above. Andrew has been such a great help in the last year of my University career (for now!), and he deserves to be recognised for his hard work, especially over the pandemic where life is anything but normal. Thank you Andrew, I really appreciate everything you've done to support me and all the other students you've taught in Psychology over the past years you've lectured at Staffordshire University, and I am thankful that you have been my supervisor and helped me achieve great things over the past year."

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