Becky Bates, Student SBS

For dedication to our students to her voluntary roles


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Becky Bates

Student, Staffordshire Business School


Three different students have told us incredibly powerful stories about Becky Bates, one of our committee volunteers and key members of our community here at Staffordshire University. For being generally amazing, Becky, thank you for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Becky Bates's Story

"Becky has taken everything in her stride this year being the head of the cheerleading team and managing her studies in the midst of a global pandemic. I have seen Becky come to the team as a new member and she had always committed herself to the team and her role as an athlete, she has been involved and helped in any way she can. She has worked her way up and as a third year took on the role as the coach of one of our teams and the president. I have never seen anyone work so hard to be able to keep the team going. Becky has ensured she kept up communication and at the beginning of the semester worked so hard to get us the sessions we needed before we unfortunately went into Tier 4 and could no longer train. She consistently checks in on the cheerleaders and keeps communication open and has actively encouraged our new cohort of cheerleaders to apply for committee for the upcoming year and encouraged them all of the way. I would like her to be recognised for all the hard work she puts into the team that people may not see behind the scenes, and that's why she makes me proud to be staffs because I am so proud of her.

Becky Bates is not only the kindest person I have ever met she has made the transition to university so smooth. Becky has been there for me whenever I need day or night. She is amazing when it comes to cheer but even better when it comes to communication. I did not know Becky before starting University. She has listened to me even when she has been busy and I know she has been a support network for many on the team. Especially through covid Becky has gone out of her way to check up on meme Hera especially first years and I’m sad this was her last year. I love her so much and she don’t even know. She is one of the only members I felt instantly comfortable with and I am so glad our paths have crossed. She deserves a nomination.

I’ve recently joined the society this year as I wanted to make new friends and try out a new hobby. Becky has constantly made me feel welcome from the start, especially given the circumstances with the pandemic. She made me feel comfortable and reassured when I came to the taster sessions for the society. During my first taster session we were practicing a routine and there was a sequence that I was struggling with; Becky noticed this and reassured me that I could do it. When I finally managed to do the sequence after a couple of attempts Becky shared her excitement with me and was screaming and cheering me on. This made me feel so welcome and proud of myself. She’s so lovely and makes an excellent President; I’m so happy to be a part of such a welcoming society "

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