Benji Rea, Student DTA

For being kind and welcoming to every member of the Cosplay Society

Benji Rea

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Proud to be Staffs Story: Benji Rea

Student | School of Digital, Technologies and Arts


"This year Benji has gone above and beyond to make sure every single member of the Cosplay Society has felt included, accepted and represented despite the challenges they've faced. Not only do they look out for members of the Society, but they make sure the Committee and Sub-Committee always have what they need to deliver sessions. With the work they do behind the scenes of the Society, its meant I've been able to run socials smoothly without stress, and our members have been able to have a safe space to go to each week, here's what some of our members have to say! Benji has been really helpful on the Discord server, it's good to see them so active, makes it feel like the committee this year were actually committed to the society at large. - Amie Their organisation really helped to hold the society together this year - Bean Benji has always been kind since I met them and welcomed me into the community with open arms - Kurt Benji makes sure that everyone in events feels involved and always can make people feel welcome. When they tease or make jokes, it always manages to make people laugh and makes sure they're having a good time. If someone is feeling down they will find a way to eventually make them laugh. - Derpie Benji is an integral part of the cosplay family, always look out for others and providing tips and information when they can. They welcome you with open arms and make the cosplay feel like home - Flynn Though I myself have only know Benji for the past year, they have been extremely welcoming and been so kind. Has helped ease the initial nerves of meeting new people along with having a familiar face around campus to joke around with! Definitely won't forget the jokes that have been made nor will the kindness be forgotten. I am forever and extremely grateful for everything they have done for everyone as well as myself. - Evin Every time I had a conversation with Benji for some reason I always gain new insight or knowledge about certain subjects and just the energy they bring to the room its exquisite - Dylan Alice - On behalf of the Cosplay and Convention Society! ♥ "


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