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Proud to be Staffs Story: Charlie Lovatt

Lecturer, School of Law, Policing and Forensics


We have been completely blown away by the number of stories about Charlie, a lecturer enthusiasm, drive and consistency have blown our students away. Thank you, Charlie, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Charlie Lovatt's Stories

"Charlie has gone above and beyond this year. Charlie has delivered content to an amazing standard, the closest replica to in person teaching I’ve found this year. Charlie dedicated a lot of his time to putting on drop-in sessions, staying behind after workshops if anyone needed any extra support and all round making the module enjoyable!


Charlie supported me a lot through this academic year. He has gone above and beyond to make sure I got the grade I wanted. He has helped many students in and out of working hours. He has been very prompt with his email, he has responded very quickly just to make sure I don’t get too stressed over my work. He has provided feedback with everything I have submitted this academic year. He deserves this nomination as he really has been a fantastic lecturer!


Charlie was always replying my emails with explanation of the area of law that am not confident explaining without delay during school hours #amproudtobestaffs# He is the real definition of what it means to be #amproudtobestaffs#I will nominate Charlie Lovatt from LAWS51700 Criminal Law. He takes his time to explain difficult legal concepts and simplify the concepts by relating it to real life scenario. He even replied students during the weekend unlike most lecturers in Staffordshire University


Charlie is an invaluable member of the teaching staff, always goes above and beyond what is expected of him as a lecturer. I have had the privilege of Charlie teaching me the criminal law modules but also being my mentor on my research project. I could not have asked for any more encouragement, support, or advice when I needed it though the process. A patient, knowledgeable and absolute star in the teaching team. I am thoroughly hoping I am allocated Charlie as my dissertation mentor in level 6.


Charlie has been amazing through the year. For such a young lecturer, he has out done himself. Whenever I needed help with anything, he would always email me back in detail and with speed.


Charlie is a relatable and approachable lecturer. In the module I studied with him, he approached all topics with equal amounts of enthusiasm and expertise. He willingly reiterates areas of contention within law, explaining them in a concise and clear context. His teaching style maintained my motivation throughout the course, despite my difficulty engaging with online learning, Charlie made the module my most enjoyable and beneficial of the academic year.


Charlie really supported me as I had such a difficult year. He always went the extra mile to make sure topics were understood and we had all the material we needed. He was also available if you needed support and replied quickly to all emails.


Charlie is lovely and always helps his students to the best of his ability, he always goes that extra mile:)!


He has given up his own time to provide us with excellent support and resources during this difficult time and made our online exam as smooth of a process as it could be for us.


Charlie is an amazing lecturer; he works so hard and helps every student as much as he possibly can. He gives up his free time to help students with one to ones. He works so hard, is amazing at his job and puts every student first. Most importantly, Charlie is one of the loveliest people I've met, he genuinely cares about everyone and if he can help in any way he always will. Whether you are struggling with subject material or need to talk to someone, Charlie will always be there to help. I'm honoured to have been taught by him and I am so grateful for all his help this year.


Given the current climate, Charlie has done everything in his power to make this time as easy and calm as possible for all his students. His support has been incredible and so greatly appreciated. Considering this academic year has been online, he has still managed to make the sessions engaging and packed full of the information and content needed for our exams. I am honoured to have had the pleasure of being taught by him this year. Thank you, Charlie.


Charlie has been so patient and has delivered the module content in a fabulous way. He levels with us as students, and respects that people are at all different levels, he’s not patronising or pushy, and doesn’t constantly say ‘you should know this’ and over the pandemic, he doesn’t push anyone to put their camera on or speak if they don’t want too. This makes it comfortable for all students to participate and makes it a pleasure to listen to his workshops and lecturers. My a-level results weren’t that good in criminal law, but I feel confident that Charlie’s workshops and lectures have helped me to gain a better knowledge of criminal law and has helped me adopt a much better way of taking assessments. Thank you to Charlie for helping me succeed in criminal law and have no doubt I will succeed in my last assessment because of him."

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