Charmaine Watkins, Committee Volunteer

For being an incredible Committee Volunteer


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Charmaine Watkins

Committee Volunteer, Students' Union


Each of our Student Groups are led by dedicated and wonderful volunteers. Without them our Students' Union wouldn't be able to deliver the incredible range of activities and events our students enjoy everyday. Thank you Charmaine for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Charmaine Watkins's Story

"Charmaine has done nothing but help the dance team through this hard time. She’s being trying her best to make sure we’re getting the most out of our membership and there for whoever needs a private chat. Charmaine has this year lead the Staffordshire University Dance Club continuing through COVID-19 while managing studies alongside being a course rep for Law and completing placements. She has been a valuable member of Staffordshire University Dance Club since she started 3 years ago, beginning as a member then being nominated as finance officer last year before leading as manger this year. Charmaine has ensured that the dance club has continued online throughout the pandemic completing four dance classes a week. She always checks on all members of the club and has constantly made everyone feel welcome to Staffordshire University. Charmaine is a representative that shows what it means to be #ProudToBeStaffs and I congratulate Charmaine on the amazing commitment she has put into the club and her studies. As a friend I wish her all the best in continuing at Staffordshire University completing a Masters in Law. Charmaine has managed SUDC brilliantly in a year shook by the pandemic and has allowed all the members to share valuable time (in-person or online). She is also a wonderful friend who knows how to listen to others, and checks on them. Thank you for all this Charmaine!"

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