Chioma Nmerukini, Union Team Member SUSU

For being a great support, listener and being overall incredible


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Chioma Nmerukini

Union Team Member | Staffordshire University Students' Union


"When I first came to university, It was a extremely daunting process. The fear of having to get back into a social situation as well as keep up my attendance when my mental health was not the best. I moved to Stoke on trent in September 2022 and at the start, I was extremely anxious trying to figure everything out. A few weeks in, I met the amazing Chioma Nmerukini. Now, I know most staff have done a brilliant job at staffordshire university, but I can't even comprehend how amazing, understanding and compassionate this girl is to every walk of life, background etc. If you were worried about your course? She was there to listen. If you needed help inside of a Greenpad property? She was there to help. If you needed a friend to talk too? She was there to listen. There is so much to this amazing person that I Can't even write in a small box the recognition she deserves. During my time at SU, I have had some negative experiences but it is outweighed by the positive. Choima is one of them. One of the biggest reasons that I am still in my Greenpad property and finding my time at SU enjoyable. So, Choima, You deserve this! Thank you for supporting me, listening to me and being there for me when I first came here. You are an incredible person and I hope that spark and drive you behold never stops. Thank you for making me, aswell as many others, #ProudToBeStaffs"


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