Colin Mottram , Senior Lecturer DTA

For the incredible support provided to their students


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Colin Mottram

Senior Lecturer, School of Digital, Technologies and Arts


This wonderful story describes the impact that our academic team can have on our students everyday. For having a clear and amazing impact on those you support, thank you Colin for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Colin Mottram 's Story

"Colin Mottram has been an exceptional lecture not only in the last year but the last three years that I have known him, he will always go above and beyond for his students and will never do so begrudgingly. Colin has been my personal tutor/academic mentor since I started at Staffordshire University in 2018 and he has become a huge support network for me and many other students. A very key detail that I have when Colin went above and beyond personally for me is when I was going through name and pronoun changes, he made it his 'mission' to ensure that every member of staff was made aware and that I was as comfortable as possible and it's things like that, that have a huge impact on people's lives. Colin ensured that I was as happy as possible and he created an environment in which I was able to be myself. He is my dissertation supervisor this year so we are meeting more regularly but every time that we chat or email he makes a point of asking how I am doing and if he could be providing me with any more support in which I always respond that he is doing more than possible. The support not only academically but personally and emotionally is so important to note, if I ever required anything I knew I could turn to him and he has always gone above and beyond when sourcing me guidance and support. Colin has taken his role as senior lecturer and used his platform and experience to positively impact and influence students lives. Academically he has always wanted us to strive for more, and he would always offer his support and guidance to be able to do so. Personally he has always ensured that we are doing well in regards to health and mental health and it's the small things that are so important, he always has our best interests at heart and will make sure that we fulfil our true potentials. So I have nominated Colin Mottram because not only has he been an inspiration in the last year as to how he has adapted and made sure all of his students were happy and he was providing the best support that he could, but the last three years he has shaped not only me but the rest of my cohort by just going above and beyond and always wanting to help his students. "

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