Dominic Langdon | Lecturer, LSE

We're proud of Dom for going above and beyond to provide the best possible Student Experience.


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Dominic Langdon

Lecturer, School of Life Sciences and Education


Providing outstanding support and guidance for his Students, stepping in during a challenging time, and working tirelessly to support his cohort, Dominic Langdon has gone above and beyond - as both a student and a lecturer. Thank you Dom, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Dominic Langdon's Story

"Dominic has been my lecturer over my two latter years of my university degree and he has been an asset to the course. He has become most impactful over my final year due to one lecturer leaving on maternity leave due to falling pregnant and one lecturer leaving due to a job opportunity closer to home. With the occurrence of both situations falling at the latter end of my second year this then became apparent there would only be two lecturers able to teach across the three year groups. In this situation, three past students were employed in order to cover the teaching needed in order for the remaining two main teaching lecturers to cover the materials sufficiently in order for the performance of each student individually to excel at their degree. Personally, with one lecturer being distracted from the course due to other commitments within the university itself and external matters, this then fell onto Dom in order to carry both classes of the final year students in order for them to complete the degree to the highest capabilities the students could achieve under the current teaching circumstances. Dom provided extra statistical support, grammatical and layout support along side teaching modules and ensuring the modules taught are to the highest standard possible to ensure the complete understanding of the course is clear to each student individually and this i feel has been the saviour of my year especially. I feel Dom understood the situation he was involved within and took it with his upmost best stride he could to ensure we were able to complete the course and be taught the best way possible in order to attain the best results we could individually. His commitment to our year as a whole inside and outside the four walls of university have been next to non, he has provided over the odds support regarding the subject of dissertations for both students under his wing of supervision as well as those under the supervision of other lecturers in order for students to complete the fulfilment of their dissertation and feel completely understood and supported which the chaos of the course was running in the background. I feel Dom has been the saviour of our year as a whole and the results achieved wouldn't have been possible without him due to the 110% effort and commitment he has endeavoured into our year from second year through to final year has been next to non and he has attain a positive mind set and has been resilient throughout both years of my time at Staffordshire university. It has also been brought to my attention that Dom has resigned from his current position as he has attained a job closer to home as the commute to the university wasn't easy through the two years at the university however he still showed up with 110% effort and I feel this award would be a way to show appreciation for the work he has committed to over the two years he has been at the university and to end on a high after the hard work he has implemented into the time he has committed to here would be a good way for him to leave the university feeling his work and effort hasn't gone unnoticed and was more than appreciated by both the students and staff at Staffordshire university and he will be missed as a valued member of staff. "