Emily Hodgson, Student-Led Group Member

For creating an amazing student-group


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Proud to be Staffs Story:Emily Hodgson

Student-Led Group Member, Students' Union


Tirelessly working behind the scenes, our society managers are volunteers here at Staffs who are often our unsung heroes! Through hard work and passion, they create new groups and communities, bringing people together to do the things they love. Thank you, Emily, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Emily Hodgson's Story

"Emily has just stepped down from the position of Society Manager, for the Pokémon Society. I will soon be taking that position but, I want to take a moment to reflect on how much Emily has done for the society. She puts together fantastic meetings and presentations in order to help the committee of the society work together and manages to make it such a wonderful place, even under pressure. She really laid the foundation and made the society amazing. Every social was welcoming and comfortable and every event she threw together was interesting and enjoyable. She also keeps track of a lot of the Union's management policies and manages to make a perfect balance between the interests of members, committee members and the Union. When Covid struck the hardest, she was able to throw together a set of events that have online alternatives. Every other week, we would be excited to see what online event we have to look forward to. She was able to translate our drawing, movie, battle and premiere events to online versions and keep the society functional, even while the world felt like it was ending. I really hope I can live up to her when I become the new Society Manager. "

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