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Proud to be Staffs Story: GreenPad Team

Greenpad Staff Team | Staffordshire University Students' Union


"As a member of the team I know how tirelessly the team works, putting in extra hours where they can and always working hard to make sure students of our services are assisted and helped where possible. It’s been a really tough year and working alongside this team has been a blessing, it’s never a dull day in GreenPad and no matter how bad the day is going, the GreenPad team never fail to turn it around. Every staff member goes above and beyond each and every day and there’s no team I’d rather work with day in and day out. They really are a hard working, amazing team.

Michelle works so hard as our manager and takes extra time to work individually with each staff member, always going above and beyond to ensure the team are ok. Without Michelle GreenPad wouldn’t be the same. She’s fantastic with landlords and students and goes out of her way to do all she can for anyone using our services. Michelle’s talent of making every day fun and interesting makes GreenPad a great team to be a part of.

Donna is a staple of GreenPad, in the year of being part of the team she’s been such a massive support and flow of positivity that has been such an amazing help this past year. GreenPad has had a crazy and stressful year but Donna never fails to keep us on track and support us through the craziness. I couldn’t do it without Donna.

Amber is our newest member and has already been such an amazing support for the team, they go above and beyond every day and has made an amazing impact!

Our student staff team are amazing and always work hard to support our core team every shift. They take on everything GreenPad hands them with ease and have done amazing this past year dealing with all the stress. And a special thanks to Judith from finance who puts up with our team every day and all the craziness we put her through, she’s an amazing support and we couldn’t do what we do without her!

Overall the GreenPad team is amazing and I’m so glad I’ve been able to work with them every day. "


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