Hannah Blackburn, Student LPF

We're proud of Hannah for being an amazing member of our community


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Hannah Blackburn

Student, School of Law Policing and Forensics


Hannah Blackburn has been part of our Students' Union community for several years now. She is an incredible individual who goes well above and beyond to support her friends and colleagues. We're proud to work with Hannah and it's clear that our nominator is too. Thank you Hannah, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Hannah Blackburn's Story

"I met Hannah in my first year both through the mountaineering club and our forensics courses. Over the past three years Hannah has proven to be one of the smartest, most hard-working, dedicated, caring and kindest person I have ever met. During her time at Staffs she has worked at Verve & LRV, making her way to team leader and has been an amazing friend and colleague to the people she works with. She has been a committee member for four different clubs and societies including Cheerleading, The Pole and Aerial Arts Society and The SUMC. She has competed with the Staffordshire Scarlets every year and throughout all this she has completed a forensic science degree. Throughout my time at Staffs I have seen Hannah go through some difficult times but the strength she shows in holding it together and still being there for others is truly amazing. Hannah has always been there for me, whether it’s just as someone to listen or to offer advice. She is known and loved by everyone at the university from students to staff and has a big impact on the university community. Without Hannah I don’t think I could have been the chairman for the SUMC for the past three years. She has been there every year to helps organise and run events and has gone above and beyond every time to make everything the best it can be. Hannah has also proven to go above and beyond in other aspects of her university life, in 2019 when the river flooded, Hannah stayed overnight at the LRV helping students from university accommodation that had been affected by the flood. Hannah truly is a pillar of the community in my mind and is the embodiment of what it means to be proud to be Staffs. "

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