Henry Price and Kris Krastev, Committee Volunteers SU

We're proud of Henry and Kris for building our eSports Community here at Staffordshire University


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Henry Price (VGU) & Kris Krastev (ESports Events)

Committee Volunteers, Students' Union


Applying their expertise and passions to build our communities of activity here at Staffordshire University, Henry and Kris have made us truly Proud to be Staffs. Their tireless work resulted in a fantastic eSports Varisty - using the latest equipment and technologies. Thank you both, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Henry Price (VGU) & Kris Krastev (ESports Events)'s Story

"I would like to nominate Henry Price (VGU ESports) & Kris Krastev (Staffs ESports Events Society) for bringing the two societies together and working so successfully in collaboration to plan, organise and deliver such a fantastic and successful ESports Varsity 2019, which bought the ESports varsity trophy home to Staffs with a 7-2 win! Henry and Chris dedicated many hours of voluntary time to meet with Union and University staff, to organise this event, overcoming many challenges around logistics, sponsorship, facilities and access. They dealt with each challenge constructively and professionally and worked hard to deliver an event that students would enjoy participating in and watching, and one that the Union and University can be extremely proud of. Keen to work in partnership with as many students as possible, they engaged with other societies including Staffs TV and the VR Society and kindly offered support to help the newly formed VR society in planning their activity too. Henry & Kris have truly demonstrated the values of the Students Union, being friendly, enabling and harnessing creativity; having the two societies working in collaboration, and watching Henry & Kris work together so productively, being open to each others ideas, finding solutions, sharing the workload and their vision; truly has made me feel Proud To Be Staffs! :-) "