Ian Munton , Director of Student Services

We're proud of Ian for his work in ensuring our Students are Proud to be Staffs!


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Ian Munton

Director of Student Services, Staffordshire University


Through a selfless approach to his work, Ian Munton, works tirelessly contribute to the improvement of services, standards and support for students here at Staffordshire University. Thank you Ian, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Ian Munton 's Story

"Ian started to work at Staffordshire University a little over a year ago. Whilst I was not fortunate to know him well in the beginning I did hear of and see changes he was making and the impact he was having within the University to benefit students. Having now had the opportunity to get to know Ian better and grasp a better understanding of the person he is, I think it is fair to say he is an inspirational leader. Ian manages to juggle being a fantastic director whilst also being a husband and father to three small children. Managing to commit to his family as well as his role at the University – no mean feat for anyone. Ian is selfless in his approach, kind with his judgments but driven in his mission to better services, standards and support for students. He is totally committed to the University and his role here. Ian shows as a leader how leadership can be done with inspiration, integrity, drive and ambition – nothing is too difficult or too much for Ian if it is for the good of the University, the students and the staff. Ian constantly looks for new innovative and challenging ways to move forward, adapt and change – to be leaders in services for students. Very often leaders get forgotten in events like these – almost as if it is ‘their job’ to be inspirational – on this occasion I would like Ian to be recognised as an inspirational leader that drives his team daily to achieve the best they can emulating the drive and passion of the Executive team make Staffordshire University the best it can be. Ian has revitalised drive and passion in me that had long since disappeared – for that I am truly grateful. He makes me Proud to be Staffs! "