Joe Williams, Student CDT

We are proud of Joe for supporting a fellow student to fulfil an exciting project.


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Joe Williams

Student, School of Computing and Digital Technologies


We all need that person in our life who will invest time in helping us. Joe certainly did that for a fellow student both by giving up his time and providing invaluable advice on an exciting project. Thank you Joe for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Joe Williams's Story

"I got a lucky break with an opportunity to shoot a project with the British Basketball league as a presenter, however I was in desperate need of a cameraman last minute. I looked absolutely everywhere and could not find anyone until Joe volunteered despite in the middle of his final project in his final year. He drove us and the equipment all the way up to Ellesmere Port despite us not at the time having any money to pay him for petrol due to me and my co-presenter having to spend money on props. The quality of the camerawork was the most professional it could have been and he made sure everything was shot correctly and helped us massively. Afterwards he gave me tips on how to edit and took time out of his busy schedule to give me pointers. This is the kind of selfless work that Joe does for not just me but pretty much anyone who asks for his help and he’s been doing it ever since I first started uni back in September 2018. He is a big reason why I have managed to impress the British Basketball League bosses and staff and he is one of the most influential people that makes me proud to be at staffs"

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