Kate Hackett, Employability and HR Adviser SU

We're proud of Kate for her support of others in difficult times


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Kate Hackett

Employability and HR Adviser, Students' Union


Sometimes the most challenging of times can be improved for us by those around us. Working quietly in the background Kate has supported many students through difficult times, ensuring that they feel supported and that their voice is heard. It's not often that Kate will get to hear the impact that her work has on others, yet that impact can be enormous. Thank you Kate, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Kate Hackett's Story

"I’ve had a really tough time at university and the past year has been made so much easier thanks to Kate, without her support I don’t think I’d be finishing my BA, she’s been so welcoming and attentive and the complete opposite of what I expected. Kate’s always accessible and she does whatever she can to help even if she doesn’t think she can do much. I can’t thank her enough and knowing that I have someone on my side willing to advocate for me has been a game changer, I never expected this level of support, but she’s made coming to Staffordshire University worth more than just a degree. Even during the Covid-19 situation she’s been there for me whenever I’ve needed her, she goes above and beyond. I’m so incredibly thankful for everything she’s helped me with, she’s been a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, keeping me and calm and collected through difficult times and giving me support and advice when my anxiety has stopped me making steps in the right direction. Thank you for making me incredibly proud to be staffs!"

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