Leonard Stuart, Student Volunteer

We're proud of Len for their work supporting students facing poor mental health and engaging them in our community


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Proud to be Staffs Story: Leonard Stuart

Student, BA (Hons) Business Management


Breaking down barriers to support their colleagues, Len has helped members of our community feel more welcome to the LGBT+ Network, particularly supporting those with poor mental health and wellbeing. Thank you Len, for making us Proud to be Staffs.


Leonard Stuart's Story

"Len has been a very active member of the LGBT+ Network, and works closely with the Students' Union. He efficiently raises issues and supports members of the network appropriately and is excellent with his signposting. Even if he is unsure on where to signpost, Len always comes in to double check with us. Just after Christmas, I bumped into Lent outside LRV, and we were chatting about the network. It was then that I found out, that Len turns up early to all Network meetings and events to make sure those members with social anxiety, anxiety and other mental-health conditions feel comfortable and welcome. Len is a model student, and often puts others before himself and has done wonders on reforming the LGBT+ Network this year alongside the rest of the committee."